Eye Care Tips For Healthy Holi

Holi is almost here! Previously for playing Holi dry Holi colours known as ‘Gulal’ and wet colours or ‘Rang’ prepared naturally from the flowers and vegetables being used. However now its place is taken by strong colours, chemical and artificial colours.

The eyes are extremely at risk during Holi because of the use of harmful chemicals in synthetic colours which cause eye irritation / allergies and even temporary blindness.

The use of eco-friendly natural colours like herbal ‘gulals’ are now popular due to such reasons.

Some Helpful and Safety Tips: 

Ø Ensure that your eyes remain protected at all times.

Ø Use sunglasses or protective eye wear to protect your eyes from coloured water.

Ø Use a hat or cap to protect your hair & eyes from strong chemical dyes.

Ø Apply a thick layer of coconut oil on your body and hair so that the colour doesn’t stick and it can be washed off easily later to protect your eyes. While washing off the colour, use lukewarm water and keep your eyes tightly closed.

Ø If you are travelling, keep the car windows tightly shut. Better still; avoid travelling on the day of playing  colours

Ø For children use non toxic colours.

Ø Avoid using balloons it can cause a serious injury to the eyes

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