The ReLEx SMILE is the advanced procedure and a quantum leap over bladeless Femto LASIK and is the first and only minimal invasive approach, for vision correction. It is 100% blade-free approach to laser vision correction.
The ReLEx SMILE procedure reshapes the corneal curvature through the intact surface of the cornea. It combines the safety of PRK with the quick recovery of Lasik, without any of their individual disadvantages.
ReLEx SMILE is ultra-safe, ultra-precise and gives ultra-fast recovery of vision.


  1. Smaller cut (2 to 4 mm only) helps retain biomechanical strength of the cornea, where as in Lasik the cut is 20mm.
  2. Smaller cut preserves nerves reducing dry eye possibility.
  3. Femto Laser is unaffected by environmental factors like humidity and temperature and thus more predictable.

Visumax Machine

Advantages of ReLEx SMILE

  1. Extremely high safety and predictability
  2. Bladeless
  3. No Flap related risks
  4. All Femto procedure
  5. Quick recovery.
  6. No tissue ablation.
  7. Less dry eyes