Phaco Emulsification

Phacoemulsification (Micro-incision cataract surgery):-

This is popularly called as phaco. In this kind of operative Cataract extraction with phacoemulsification is followed by foldable lens implantation.

Ultrasound power is used to break the hard cataract into minute pieces,which are then sucked out through a small 1.5-2.8 mm incision. Foldable lens of required power (IOL) is then implanted, through the small incision. Once in place lens unfolds to its regular size of 6mm.

This process Requires very small incision of 1.5-2.8 mm. Phaco is highly acceptable as it is stitchless, bloodless, painless surgery and chances of infection are very low. Post surgery precautions are very minimum &also no complications.

Phaco leads quicker healing & recovery.

Advantages of phacoemulsification:-

  1. It is a stitch less, painless, no bandage surgery.
  2. Drops of local anesthetic agent are used instead of an injection in eye.
  3. Early visual rehabilitation for the patient.
  4. Post surgery wound is very secure.
  5. Final glasses can be prescribed within 2 weeks.

Types of intraocular lens (IOL):-

Once the cataract is removed, a permanent artificial lens, called an intra ocular lens or IOL is implanted. There are two types of IOL available:-

  1. Non-Foldable IOL
  2. Foldable IOL

1) Non-Foldable lenses (IOL):-

These are made of a hard plastic material, are bigger in size,& bigger incisions need to be made to insert them.

2) Foldable lenses (IOL):-

These are made of soft acrylic material.

Advantages of fold-able lenses:-

  1. Need very small incision for insertion of lens in the eye,usually it is 1.5-2.8 mm.
  2. Does not require stitches.
  3. Very short healing time upto 4-5 days only.
  4. Chance of infection is minimal.
  5. Foldable lenses can be a)monofocal and b) multifocal.

a) Monofocal lenses:-

  1. Are designed to provide patients with enhanced distance vision but typically patients still require glasses for near vision.
  2. It can fix your vision for one distance only.

b) Multifocal lenses:-

  1. Helps to achieve ultimate goal of independence from glasses.
  2. These lenses have both distance & near focal points.
  3. It gives good vision for most activities at distance or near.