Laser Eye Surgery


Looking for life sans contact lenses and spectacles?

Want to have an improved vision and still want to stay away from contact lenses and spectacles? If so, then laser eye treatments would prove a real help that you are looking for. You no longer need to hide your eyes behind glasses or be worried about the hassle of maintaining contact lenses. With improved equipment and advanced technology, eye treatments have reached new horizons, one such level is the Laser eye surgery.

As each patient and his or her condition vary from each other, so do their required treatments. At Pune’s Laser Eye Specialists- Medilaser, our expert surgeons will review your condition and will recommend the exact type of eye care or treatment suitable for you.

Go back home within minutes of your surgery

No admission is required for Laser surgery. The pre-laser work-up /testing / preparation require 2-3 hours however, the laser treatment takes only 5-10 minutes. Patient can go home within immediately after the surgery.

Does a laser eye surgery hurt?

Most people are worried about the pain that may occur during a laser surgery. However, the latest technological progress has lowered down the amount of pain in this treatment. Patients prefer this treatment as it is comparatively pain-free or irritation-free than other surgical treatments. Though there can be a little discomfort after surgery, it will not last for more than 24 hours. Moreover, additional eye drops are provided as pain relief medication.

Any individual who is 18 years old and has had a stable number for the past two years can be subscribed a laser eye surgery. Nevertheless, only an expert eye surgeon can suggest you the best possible treatment. At Medilaser, you are attended by specially trained surgeons, who will always suggest the best treatment suited for you in order to get best results.