Femto Lasik

Femto LASIK: A Bladeless LASIK Procedure

Medilaser offers a bladeless corrective eye care procedure known as Femto Lasik. This is an all laser procedure which is very different from the traditional LASIK surgery that is done using a microkeratome with a metal blade in the flap cutting procedure.

Who Needs Femto LASIK?

Femto LASIK is a recent addition to the collection of ground-breaking eye surgery procedures that have been made possible by the advancements in technology. It is especially meant to help people who can’t see without the aid of their eyeglasses or contact lenses.

You also need Femto LASIK if you:

  • Suffer from myopia (short sightedness).
  • Suffer from hypermetropia/hyperopia (long sightedness).
  • Have presbyopia (age-related long sightedness).

How Does It Work?

Femto LASIK uses Excimer laser. The flap in the cornea is made by way of the Femtosecond, which is a novel technology in eye surgery. This has eliminated the risks and complications associated with the previous method that utilized blades and let the cornea with considerable trauma in some cases. Femto LASIK method gives your cornea a huge chance at attaining better stability.

The principle at work in Femto LASIK is photo-disruption and we employ infra-red laser energy to create a small pattern under the surface of the cornea with overlapping spaces. The patterns have unmatched precision and the laser operates at lightning speed.

What Are The Advantages Of Femto LASIK?

  • Negligible risk associated with the flap creation.
  • A greater treatment surface with improved stability.
  • Minimal risk of infection and inflammation.
  • No need of any repeat surgery.
  • Features thinner flaps that ensure that there is no residual tissue-bed.
  • Improved predictability in terms of the resultant flap thickness.
  • Less exertion of pressure on the eye during surgery and excellent results.

Femto LASIK is a fast and safe procedure that gives incredible results all the time. We have done the same procedure for thousands of patients and the results speak for themselves.

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