ReLEx FLEx: Painless Laser Eye Surgery

Medilaser provides a full gamut of corrective laser eye treatments that include ReLEx FLEx. This predecessor of the Smile technique uses the same strategy with 1 or 2 variations. The major difference lies in the fact that this method creates a flap, which is LASIK-like, in order to gain access to the lenticule and get rid of it. FLEx is an acronym for Femtosecond lamellar extraction. The process involves peeling of the refractive lenticule off the corneal bed before the upper cornel lay is restored in its place.

FLEx has been recommended for a number of cases such as those that feature high astigmatism which is over 2D. This is because FLEx offers better chance of vision enhancement in such cases. We are capable of looking at your case and determine the best procedure suitable as per your requirements.

What Are The Benefits Of ReLEx FLEx?

  • Less invasive procedure.
  • Strictly bladeless.
  • No pain or discomfort during and after the procedure.
  • Safe procedure
  • No ablation of tissue
  • Highly reliable with predictable results
  • Takes less than 20 minutes and provides immediate results

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