ReLEx Smile

laser eye surgery for eye power reduction, vision correction

ReLEx Smile: Award Winning Technique for Laser Eye Vision Correction

ReLEx Smile is an award winning technique for laser eye vision correction. Medilaser, a leader in eye power reduction surgeries offers ReLEx Smile treatment to Indian and international patients for last more than a decade. ReLEx is an acronym for Refractive Lenticule Extraction and it involves the creation of a Lenticule within your cornea while leaving its front surface unmolested. The Carl Zeiss VisuMax Femto second laser is the only piece of equipment capable of performing this type of procedure as it is an improvement on the old Femto lasers. This surgery is painless and swift and is considered as the most effective eye surgery  for spectacle removal.

What Makes ReLEx The Best Solution For You?

There are two types of ReLEx techniques available to you including

  • SmILE. (Small Incision Lenticular Extraction)
  • FLEx ( Femtosecond Lenticule Extraction )

Smile is a less invasive procedure and allows for the treatment of the most myopic prescriptions than ever before possible by way of the LASIK method. During this treatment, your eye is completely numbed by way of eye anaesthetic drops after which a series of pulses are applied to the centre of your cornea with remarkable 3D accuracy.

Benefits of ReLEx Smile

  • Less invasive.
  • The process creates zero flap which results in quicker healing than obtainable from LASIK.
  • 80% immediate improvement in vision.
  • Procedure takes a few minutes to complete.
  • Only a single laser is used, which means great comfort.
  • The biomechanical strength of the cornea is preserved.
  • Zero tissue ablation.
  • Highest safety rating and predictable results.

Need More Information?

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