Eye Care Over 40

When you reach your 40s, you may find yourself requiring extra effort to read books. For most people around 40s, altered eyesight is a common condition. One may find it really tough to focus on the nearer object and would have to hold it away.

Moreover you may feel the need for more light while you read and get headaches after working on computers. This condition can be commonly referred to as Presbyopia. It is caused when the eye lens is no longer flexible, and is a result of the normal ageing process. This problem can be easily resolved using a reading glass. Depending on the type of eye disorder and your visual requirements, an eye doctor can suggest you a bifocal or No line bifocal glasses, etc.

Once you reach 40s it is important to have regular eye check-ups done by an experienced eye specialist to check what is happening inside your eye due to ageing process or disease progression if any. You should always be aware of the changes that are happening in your eyes and vision. Health problems like diabetes and blood pressure also have their impact. Diabetes increases one’s susceptibility to eye problems like cataract, glaucoma and retinopathy which in turn hamper vision. So doing a regular retina check-up is always recommended by doctors.

It is very important to get your eye pressure checked, once in one and a half year, to detect glaucoma in its early stage.