What are the common symptoms of cataract?

Cataracts grow gradually with the slow blurring of vision that is not correctable by glasses. Some people get their vision quickly deteriorated, with difficulty in nighttime driving, glares, halos and overall foggy vision.

Can cataracts infect an eye because the other eye already has it?

Cataract does not spread from eye to eye but it often develops in both eyes together or after a brief gap.

Do cataracts develop due to getting old?

        Cataracts very commonly occur in adult life. These are age-induced cataracts and may develop after 40 years of age. But not all people develop a cataract in old age and not all who develop it require treatment.

Does cataract happen in children?

It happens in rarest of rare cases.

If I have a cataract in both eyes, can they be treated at the same time?

Cataract generally develops in one eye faster than the other, so it is advisable to operate the one in worse condition first. 

Does a previously done laser operation matter in cataract treatment?

Since laser operations like LASIK and PRK are done to improve vision without the need for glasses, it is important to inform your cataract team beforehand.