Embracing or Breaking free from Spectacles

what do you desire?

Spectacles are an integral part of the lives of nearly half the population, some need them only to read, some need them to drive, while some choose contact lenses to avoid them. Spectacles need to be embraced, especially in children who have a refractive error, so that vision development is unhampered and issues of lazy eye and squint do not arise.

Societal stigma associated with glasses especially for girls at marriageable age, changing lifestyle choices toward adventure activities, or just the hindrance of not being able to function without them, has made us seek out many options to break free from glasses. Young adults can choose from different laser procedures to get the surface of the eye, ‘the cornea’, reshaped with a quick, painless, daycare procedure and throw away those glasses forever!

Surface ablation or PRK delivers excimer laser to the surface of the cornea whereas LASIK delivers laser under a corneal flap so as to give clear vision in a few hours. Bladeless or femtosecond LASIK has quickly overtaken the conventional procedure on account of its precision and safety. The most advanced, flapless, laser procedure is ReLex SMILE which has the tiniest wound, fastest recovery, least dryness and better strength for the cornea than a flap procedure

Which procedure suits you depends on the magnitude of your error and parameters on your preliminary corneal scan. In case you are not eligible for any of the above laser procedures, a phakic IOL or ICL which is an additional lens, can be implanted inside the eye to correct the highest of errors and weakest of corneas, in a safe and permanent procedure. For the older agegroup, getting rid of near glasses alongwith distance ones is now possible either with specialized corneal laser procedures or replacing the natural lens of the eye with multifocal lens implants.