How is bladeless Lasik better than blade Lasik? 

 It is a much safer procedure with lower risk of complications. The flap created is more uniform and precise . It also heals faster and better. 

 Are two Lasers used in bladeless Lasik? 

 Yes, one Femtosecond Laser is used to create the flap and another Excimer Laser is used to correct the power. 

 Do all Lasik Centres have bladeless option?

 No, not necessarily. As it requires an entire new, expensive Laser setup different from the Excimer laser. Please ask for the bladeless Lasik option before planning your Lasik procedure. 

 Can bladeless Lasik treat all refractive errors? 

 Yes, it can treat a wide range of plus, minus and cylindrical powers. 

 Is the pain during bladeless Lasik is lesser than with blade Lasik?

Yes, the feeling of pressure, sensation and blackout while creating the flap is associated only with the blade Lasik procedure.