Advance Surface Ablation - Safe and Effective Vision Correction


Am I the right candidate for prk PROCEDURE?

Step By Step Procedure


Eyes numbed with eye drops.


Thin cell layer mechanically removed from the corneal surface.


Shape of the cornea corrected using excimer laser.


Contact lens placed to reduce irritation during healing.

Do's and Dont's​

Before Surgery

Do's After Surgery

Dont's After Surgery

Pros of PRK

FDA Approved



Takes only 5min/ eye

Stronger Cornea

Safer and more accurate than blade lasik

Frequently Asked Questions

 In the initial 3 days, there will be a bandage contact lens over the eye and a feeling of slight irritation, watering and swelling is expected.

 Visual recovery may take a few weeks to stabilise.

 No splashing water into the eyes, No rubbing the eye, no eye makeup.

 Wear UV protected sunglasses outdoors for 1 year after the PRK treatment to reduce the risk of haze.

 You will have to use eye drops for about 3 months after the treatment.

 Yes, It is the safest Laser procedure as it leaves behind good corneal thickness. It is preferred in corneas with borderline thickness because of its safety profile.

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