Femto LASIK: Transform Your Vision with Advanced Technology


Femtosecond or Bladeless LASIK

Femtosecond laser has revolutionized laser refractive surgery. It is a precise, cutting tool that can make corneal surgery accurate and safe. Two lasers are used in this procedure. It entails making a corneal flap with a femtosecond laser as a first step followed by excimer laser power correction below the flap as the next step.

It involves carving out a lenticule or disc in the middle of the cornea with a femtosecond laser and then removing this lenticule out through a laser-made keyhole incision.

Step By Step Procedure


Flap created using highly precise Femtosecond laser.


Flap folded back exposing inner corneal tissue


Excimer laser reshapes cornea & corrects refractive error


Flap folded back to original position

Femto versus Blade Flap


After the procedure:

Pros of Femto Lasik

  • Bladeless

  • Painless

  • Can correct wide range of refractive errors (+ and -)

  • Fast Recovery

  • Safer and more accurate than blade lasik

  • FDA approved

Frequently Asked Questions

 It is a much safer procedure with lower risk of complications. The flap created is more uniform and precise . It also heals faster and better.

 Yes, one Femtosecond Laser is used to create the flap and another Excimer Laser is used to correct the power.

 No, not necessarily. As it requires an entire new, expensive Laser setup different from the Excimer laser. Please ask for the bladeless Lasik option before planning your Lasik procedure

 Yes, it can treat a wide range of plus, minus and cylindrical powers.

 Yes, the feeling of pressure, sensation and blackout while creating the flap is associated only with the blade Lasik procedure.

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