Glaucoma - Medilaser


Is a silent blinding irreversible disease where patients are often unaware or symptomless till it reaches the end stages.

It is a disease of the nerve of the eye (optic nerve) commonly associated with high eye pressure, characterized by progression.

The tests needed to rule in or rule out glaucoma are a combination of:

1.Tonometry – measurement of intraocular pressure

2.Gonioscopy – to see the outflow passage of the fluid in the eye

3.Perimetry – charting points in the field of vision in each eye

4.Tonometry – measurement of intraocular pressure

5.Tonometry – measurement of intraocular pressure

Treatment: Commonly is in the form of eyedrops to lower the eye pressure. These should not be discontinued without the treating doctor’s instructions. Annual tests to document progression of the disease is advisable.

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