Blade-LASIK: Precision Vision Correction at Medilaser


The conventional LASIK procedure is time-tested and has seen many developments in the microkeratomes used and the laser ablation profiles. The procedure entails corneal flap creation with a microkeratome/blade followed by excimer laser power correction under the flap. The flap is then reposited.

Step By Step Procedure


The refractive lenticule and small incision are created inside the intact cornea all in one step


Top layer lifted. Shape of cornea corrected using Excimer laser


Flap replaced back on cornea.

We, at Medilaser, use the Moria SBK (Sub- Bowman’s keratomileusis) One-Use Plus microkeratome which can make thinner flaps (90 micron) than conventional microkeratomes. It has the advantage of leaving more corneal tissue behind for better long term corneal strength and stability. The conventional flap thickness (130 micron) option is also available with this device. We use the Carl Zeiss Refractive Suite ( Femtosecond laser on Visumax and Excimer laser Mel 80) for all our laser refractive procedures. The excimer laser uses an Ablation Smart Profile or Tissue Saving Profile to correct the refractive error with best results.


After the procedure:

Do's and Dont's​

Before Surgery

Do's After Surgery​

Dont's After Surgery​

Pros of blade lasik


Fast recovery

From last 25 year for eye patience

Correction of refractive errors (+/-)

FDA Approved

Frequently Asked Questions

The LASIK Procedure is almost painless and is performed with topical drop anesthesia. Patients walk in and out of the operation theatre in less than 15 minutes.

 A speculum is placed on the eye that prevents a person from blinking during the procedure

 For about 3 days indoors and 3 weeks outdoors.

 Most of the blurriness goes away by the next day, though the clarity gradually increases over a couple of weeks.

 Temporary dryness for a couple of months which can be treated with lubricating eye drops and difficulty in night driving for the first few weeks.

 Usually the vision continues to stabilize for until a month.

 You should avoid rubbing the eye after LASIK surgery for a couple of weeks.

 You should take a below- the- neck shower for a few days after surgery.

 Yes but your vision might be slightly blurred.

 Protect your eyes from infection and injury for at least 1 week after the surgery.

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