Retina Services - Medilaser


The retina is the inner delicate lining or the nerve layer of the eye which is crucial for vision

The retina is examined after dilating the eyes with eyedrops, the effect of these would cause blurring of near vision for approximately 4-5 hours.

Who needs a dilated retina examination?

Diabetics and people with myopia (minus power) need an annual dilated retina examination.

Symptoms like floaters, flashes of light, curtain or spot in vision, difficulty in near vision or night vision mandate a retina check.Retinal diseases we look for:

1.Diabetic retinopathy- small areas of bleeding, swelling, abnormal new vessels in the retina may require laser treatment to preserve vision or multiple injections to reduce the swelling.

2.Age related macular degeneration- ageing changes in the most sensitive part of the retina (macula) can be dry or wet (associated swelling or bleeding).

3.Blood vessel occlusions- small clots of blood may obstruct blood supply in the retinal vessels and cause bleeding, swelling or death of retinal tissue.

4.Retinal breaks, holes, tears- in the periphery of the retina may be present in myopic eyes commonly. They require laser strengthening around them to prevent the retina from lifting off and detaching.

5. Retinal detachment- is an emergency. Rush to the eye doctor if you see a curtain closing in on your vision, warning sign maybe flashes of light or floaters. The chances of vision restoration are better the earlier we operate.

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