Advanced Eye Care: Comprehensive Eye Exam at Medilaser


Every patient who walks into our clinic gets a detailed eye exam with the best and latest available equipment.

Eye examination does not mean only checking the spectacle power. There can be a variety of eye disorders that are without symptoms and can be picked up only on routine eye examination. Diseases like glaucoma, retinopathy, eye tumours and cancers can have no symptoms in the early stages. Hence, like an annual health check-up, an annual eye check-up should be mandatory.

Who requires getting an annual eye examination?

Every patient who walks into our clinic gets a detailed eye exam with the best and latest available equipment

Auto Refractometer- computerised/ automated testing of spectacle power

Non- contact Tonometer

measures eye pressure as a screening test for glaucoma. It is a no-touch technique such that it reduces discomfort and risk of transmission of infection between patients

Slit lamp examination

magnified, illuminated look at every structure in the eye

Optic nerve head examination

examining the nerve of the eye can diagnose glaucoma and diseases of the brain

Corneal Topography by Pentacam

gives a detailed map of the corneal shape. It is important to plan and follow up refractive procedures and corneal diseases.

Retina examination

examining the inner nerve layer of the eye is crucial for everyone, especially diabetics, hypertensives and those with myopia

Visual field analysis or Perimetry

charts the field of vision for each eye. It is important in cases of glaucoma and neurological diseases.

Optical biometry

the latest and the most accurate equipment to measure IOL power before cataract surgery

OCT scan (Optical Coherence Tomography)

Gives 3D scans of the optic nerve and macula It is important is glaucoma and retinal diseases

Fundus photography

to photograph changes in the retina and optic nerve, important in diabetics and glaucoma patients.

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