ReLEx SMILE: The Future of Minimally Invasive Vision Correction


SMILE is the most advanced, flapless, bladeless, all-femtosecond laser procedure that is currently available only on the Carl Zeiss Visumax laser platform. It can correct myopia of upto -10 D and astigmatism of upto 5D at present.

It involves carving out a lenticule or disc in the middle of the cornea with a femtosecond laser and then removing this lenticule out through a laser-made keyhole incision.

Step By Step Procedure


Edges of cornea cut with blade (Microkeratome)


The lenticule subsequently removed through this small incision, leaving the remainder of the superficial cornea intact


Removing the lenticule changes the shape of the cornea, thereby achieving the desired refractive correction


Since a corneal flap is not made in the procedure, it does away with a lot of risks and complications of flap creation like:


These are common and gradually get better over few weeks.

Do's And Dont's

Before Surgery

1. Stop wearing soft lenses 1 week before surgery
2.Stop wearing rigid gas permeable lenses 2/3 weeks before surgery

Do's After Surgery

1. Use eye drops clean your eyelid margins
2. Plenty of rest
3.Watch TV & read books 1 day after Consume Healthy food

Dont's After Surgery

1. Don't expose your eyes to dust/smoke
2. Don't keep eyes open for too long
3. Don't swim till your doctor approves
4. No touching/ rubbing eyes
5. No strenuous activity
6. Don't drive on the day of surgery

Pros of ReLEx SMILE

  • FDA approved

  • Bladeless

  • Flapeless

  • Painless

  • Fast Recovery

  • No Dry Eyes

  • Stronger Cornea

Frequently Asked Questions

 Unlike in all other laser eye surgery procedures, the corneal tissue is not eroded using an excimer laser. ReLEx SMILE is totally laser operated procedure that uses proved Femto second laser technique which means it is absolutely flapless and bladeless. Quick procedure and early recovery are among the other key advantages that SMILE has over other conventional procedures.

 The entire procedure gets over in less than 12 minutes for both the eyes. Short duration and early recovery are amongst the many benefits that come with the advanced procedure called SMILE.

 According to studies SMILE is less harmful and preserves most of the nerves while LASIK having a big Flap (18mm) makes significant changes to the corneal nerve. Hence chances of dry eyes in case of SMILE are lesser than in LASIK.

 Unlike Lasik, SMILE is gentler to eyes, so you can start working on computers within a day of surgery. But you may need to go a bit easy for initial few days, by taking frequent breaks and using the prescribed eye drops regularly.

 You can start wearing eye Make-up and do beauty parlor treatments after a week’s time (after having checked with your doctor on your post treatment visit). It is advisable to use cosmetics that you used before surgery to ensure that you are not allergic.

 Yes. SMILE is not a reason for any of the risk factor related to eye donation.

 No. However, it is good to keep your cataract doctor informed about the SMILE treatment. There is neither any hindrance to surgery nor does it affect the outcome of surgery.

 You are required to rest on the day of surgery and may need to take rest for a day or two before returning to work.

 You should discontinue wearing soft lenses 8 days before the LASER Procedure. (15 Days for RGP lenses)

 Yes, laser procedure can be done for both eyes at the same time.

 You will be awake during the entire procedure. Due to anesthetic drops in your eyes, you will fell numbness or little heaviness in eyes. No pain sensation is felt during the procedure.

 This is a permanent treatment.

 As the person’s age increases, ability of the eye to focus on nearby objects decreases. This being an age related process is irreversible. Hence everyone above 40 years will need reading glasses even after the laser procedure. But your distance vision will remain corrected.

 No, there is no diet restriction. You can have a normal diet.

 You can start wearing eye makeup and do beauty parlor treatments after 1 week. Cosmetic contact lenses can be worn after consultation with your surgeon.

 No, it is not advisable to sit in a dark room. Average home light is alright. In fact you can start watching TV, reading, and normal routine as soon as you are feeling comfortable.

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