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Dr. Ridhima Bhagali has been trained in Cornea and Anterior segment in King’s College Hospital, London under the very able guidance of the prolific Cornea transplant surgeon, Dr. Emma Hollick.

What is the Cornea?

The Cornea is the front transparent part of the eye through which we see the iris and pupil. It is easily accessible for examination, imaging, staining and measurements.

Common afflictions of the ocular surface and cornea include:

1. Dry eye – common in postmenopausal women, diabetics, contact lens users, associated with systemic diseases like arthritis, prolonged computer use.

2. Ocular allergy

3. Infections-viral, bacterial, fungal, contact lens associated

4. Trauma, chemical injury

5. Keratoconus – thinning and protruding of a part of the cornea Usually it affects people in late teens and early twenties and both eyes are affected, one greater than the other. It can be diagnosed using the Pentacam which maps the cornea and is useful to document worsening of the disease. We at Medilaser provide treatment for keratoconus in the form of Corneal Cross- linking that provides strength to the weakened cornea and halts worsening of this disease.

6. Loss of transparency or Opacity of the Cornea​
The latest techniques in investigating and managing these conditions are available at our clinic at reasonable cost.
We also dispense soft and semi-soft contact lenses for all conditions at Medilaser.

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